About Me

When not crafting words, I enjoy hiking and exploring my beautiful home state of Oregon. We’ve got woods, the mountains, and ocean all within easy driving distance. You might find me glued to Blazers basketball, playing guitar, or reading popular histories. I’m a proud member of Portland’s arts community, especially a diverse bunch of writers called The People’s Ink, where I attend weekly gatherings. Church activities also keep me busy.

I’ve always enjoyed exploring and communication and rode out into the world with a pen in my holster. I sold homemade comics in grade school and went from nowhere to school president in my teens with a creative marketing campaign. Honing my expository skills at our local Reed College, I went on to write several books. The power of words has always fascinated me.

My work history encompasses copywriting, technical writing and the transportation industry. Going deeper, I’ve trained extensively at AWAI, a top school for copywriting and sales, and mentored with email copywriting guru Jay White. I belong to Professional Writers Alliance and stay up on the newest techniques and trends.

It’s an adventure.



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